Liquidation of a representative office in Ukraine (Kyiv/Kiev and other cities)

Our company provides the complete support of liquidation of representative offices/branch offices of foreign companies in Ukraine (meaining Kyiv/Kiev and other cities).

If you are interested in liquidation of a representative/branch office in Ukraine you are likely to:

1. Transform your presence in Ukraine from representative/branch office into the form of a legal entity;

2. Totally terminate representative/branch office’s activity in Ukraine.

Sometimes liquidation of representative offices is viewed as only cancellation of its registration with state authorities, including tax authorities and closure of bank accounts. Still we pay your attention that liquidation of representative office has also specific legal issues related to:

1. Employees;

2. Property issues in Ukraine;

3. Contractual obligations of a representative office.

We can provide solutions of all the above mentioned issues while liquidation proceedings.

Terms of liquidation of a representative office:

– Under the law (the sum of all terms) is up to 90 working days;

– Practice shows that in average the term is from 6 to 12 months.

When signing the contract we clarify that the process of liquidation of representative official almost never takes less than 6 months. Unfortunately, the authorities do not observe the time limits set by law. However, litigation concerning such actions is ineffective nowadays.

Therefore, we do not promise you that the liquidation period for a representative/branch office will beperiod in 3-4 months with a disclaimer “We are not responsible for the date of the appointment of a tax audit”. We just make the situation clear. If you really want to estimate time costs, do not count on less than six months for a liquidation period.

How we work:

1. We prepare all documentation for the liquidation of a representative office in Ukraine;

2. Advise on internal procedures and legal issues within your representative office, which are not directly related to public authorities, but are required in terms of risk minimization of your head office;

3. Provide the foreseen interaction with state authorities (social funds, tax and customs), Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and others.

If you wish to obtain liquidation of a representative/branch office in Ukraine, you should know that:

While holding tax audit by the fiscal authorities it is necessary to involve an accountant or an auditor to the process. The best option is when during tax audit we cooperate with your accountant (if there is any). If your representative/branch office has no accountant, we can manage this process involving our partners. In this case, you do not need to interact with lawyers and accountants – this process will be handled by our company.


The cost of our legal services while liquidation of a representative/branch office in Ukraine depends on the final volume of legal support agreed within the contract, but still starts from 2000 Euro.

Method of payment: 50% (advance payment), 50% (payment after appointing of tax audit).

The cost of Accountants (if you do not provide your support) is charged separately.

Preliminary consultations on issues related to the closure of a representative/branch office in Ukraine is free. We are open to answer your questions concerning liquidation of a representative/branch office in Ukraine. Please contact directly the Head of Corporate law practice Andrew Begmenko by phone 044-227-27-01 or 067-551-50-35 or via e-mail

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