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Who we are


It is believed that, particularly, in Ukraine, legal companies are needed only for urgent measures. However, the European experience shows that being both – economic and legal phenomenon – business requires the involvement of lawyers and consultants during the entire period of its operation.

Morrison Cooper unites lawyers and consultants, whose intellectual capacity and practical skills work for the welfare and prosperity of Ukrainian and foreign clients.

Morrison Cooper’s mission is invention of individual legal decisions. That is why the motto and the basic principle of the company is the following: «Morrison Cooper. tailored solutions».

Morrison Cooper provides its Clients with individual business solutions, as well as deal with the issues and concerns of individuals on the territory of Ukraine. Solutions, which are offered and implemented by Morrison Cooper’s lawyers, come from individual Clients request and are based on deep knowledge of Ukrainian internal procedures and strong position of the company at the local level.

For our Clients we provide solutions in the following areas:

Establishing of companies and non-governmental (non-profit) organizations

1. Establishing and legal support of commercial companies and representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine (meaning Corporate and contract law practice).

2. Establishing and legal operating support of non-governmental (non-profit) organizations (NGOs, charitable organizations, political parties).

3. Advice and implementation of mechanisms for optimal reorganization, restructuring, and, if necessary, bankruptcy (insolvency) of Ukrainian legal entities.

Dispute settlement: credit and receivables, corporate disputes

4. Settlement of problem loans and receivables, debt restructuring (Banking and financial law practice).

5. Resolution of private disputes through mediation and/or court order.

6. Resolution of corporate disputes through mediation, arbitration and/or court order.

7. Settlement of commercial disputes and disagreements through mediation, arbitration and/or court order.

Interaction with public authorities and government relations

8. Interaction with antimonopoly authorities in the context of tracking transactions, providing support while obtaining conclusions and approvals for concerted action, appealing the decisions of antimonopoly authorities concerning competition in business processes.

9. Advice and implementation of necessary preparation procedures with further obtaining of licenses and permits (in particular, in the spheres of construction, medical practice and pharmacology, ).

Real Estate and Construction

10. Providing advice and legal support while registration of property rights title on real estate.

11. Providing advice and legal support while obtaining permits for construction and commissioning of buildings and constructions.

Tax law

12. Development and implementation of individual tax planning schemes.

13. Development and implementation of the best ways out through administrative and judicial review of acts of tax inspections and decisions on additional tax liabilities.

Intellectual property

14. Registration, in order of capturing and further protection, of copyrights, trademarks, commercial names.

15. Development and implementation of individual ways of legal protection of copyright infringement for legal and private persons.

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